25-12-2023   1310

Announcement! Information in English section is coming!

Digital transformation is not only a trend in global technology but also has a significant impact on the economic, political, and social sectors of countries worldwide. Thanks to technology, global development is being pushed faster and faster. As well as, more and more foreigners want to study and work in VietNam.

To align with this trend of integration and globalization, the Admission Consulting Center of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law aims to expand our reach. Therefore, we have established a new function of advice in English. We also created a new column on our website called “Information in English”. From now on, this section - Information in English provides international candidates information about majors, admission methods, job opportunities, etc. 

The Information in English section is a completely new activity of the Admission Consulting Center. We are going to compose many useful magazines for audiences paying attention to the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. 

Please follow for more updates!